Brian Eller, P.E., ASNT NDT Level III

Mr. Eller Presenting at the 2015 NWEA Annual Conference

Mr. Brian Eller, P.E., ASNT NDT Level III is the Principal Engineer of IQC Southwest and is a Registered Civil Engineer in the states of California and Nevada. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Eller has been involved exclusively in the operations and business development of special inspection and materials testing laboratories for nine years and has been in the construction industry for eleven years. His in-depth knowledge of running large scale projects in regions throughout the United States, from materials testing requirements to field staff and coordination, has given him the unique ability to adapt his operations to any situation. Throughout his career he has always been focused on improving efficiency
through technology. It was this passion that has driven him to develop IQC Southwest’s custom in-house reporting and data tracking systems. This unique combination of construction and engineering in addition to his background in computer science, gives Mr. Eller an unparalleled perspective on how to tackle any project, big or small.